Officers & Committees

2017& 2018  Milton Garden Club

 President Sandy Winterbottom
Vice-President Diana Weigand
Treasurer Louise Huntlely
Secretary Sherry Murphy
Past President Nancy Trask
Director at Large Kathryn Greig


 Nominating Maryann Donnan
Dessert of the Month Mary Ann Souder
Downtown Gardens Doreen Becker & Pat Grieninger
Irrigation Gary Smith
Farmers Market/Town of Milton Festivals Kathryn Greig
Fundraising-Irish Eyes/Kings Ice Cream Rita Smith
Garden Tour Kathryn Greig
Historian Frances O’Reilly
Hollyfest Sandy Winterbottom & Kathryn Greig
Horticulture & Programs Shelly Paine
Hospitality Paula Costanzo
Membership Diana Weigand
Paper Products Jean & Wayne Skocypec
Parades Sue Romer
Pretty Garden Award Elaine Smith
Publicity Matt Greig
Scholarship Mary Kay Williams
Website Diana Weigand