Historical Society Exhibit

For the month of September in 2018 the club had an exhibit at the Milton Historical Society about the development and achievements of the club for the past 20 years. On September 13 the club hosted a program at the museum with speakers from the club talking about the first 20 years. Scrapbooks from events over the years were on display and the refreshments were made from recipes from an early club cookbook. (Click on the photos to enlarge them.)

First photo:  A display with newspaper articles and scrapbooks throughout the year
Second photo:  Club member Gillian Benson, 2017-2018 club President, Sandy Winterbottom and Historian Jean Skocypec stand in front of the display

First photo:  Historian Jean Skocypec speaks about the original membership records that were kept.
Second photo:  One of the 20 original members, Betty Boettger, talks about the first year of the club and the beginning of the gardens.